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5 Self-Guided Experiences that will FREAK YOU OUT this Halloween Season!

We Wanna Freak You Out With These 5 Soundwalks

Halloween season is once again upon us, and we cannot wait to take you to experience some soundwalks that will simply terrify you!

So gather your courage, grab your headsets, book on our website or Tripadvisor and enjoy a 20% discount on these soundwalks that will take you to discover the paranormal, the terror, the mysterious and unknown.

Jack the Ripper Mystery Experience in London

1. London- The Mystery of Jack the Ripper 

If you like thrillers, this one is for you. Dare to take this tour with 3D sound effects as your narrator brings to life the legend of Jack the Ripper, like never before. You will discover the Whitechapel neighborhood famous for Jack the Ripper’s crime scenes and visit several streets and places where the victims were seen for the last time.

Your self-guided walk will begin in front of Mitre Square, known as The Ripper Corner. Your narrator, a police inspector with a “Doctor Jekyll Mr. Hyde” sort of mutiple personalities disorder, will take you on a thrilling adventure to discover the mystery. You will hear the voice of the Ripper, as he comments on each and every one of the murders that is presented to you. The sound effects will make you feel like you are in a chilling movie as you pass by Goulston Street Graffiti. You will find some clues that give a trace of the famous mind of this 19th century serial killer.

You will also discover “The Dark Alley”, the story of Martha Tabram in Gunthorpe Street, Emma Smith in Osborn street, and of course, Mary Kelly in Fashion Street. The soundwalk will end in front of the ten bells, as you discover the legend of this place.

Hunt the Ghosts of Cartagena

2. Cartagena- The Ghosts of Downtown

The Ghost of Miguel Quero takes you on a journey to hear the ghostly stories and secrets that the historic center of Cartagena keeps. Learn what downtown residents have feared for years since colonial times.

The tour begins in front of the Palace of the Inquisition. You will learn in a unique way the legends of the evil spirit that lives in the well of the Plaza de Santo Domingo. In Gastelbondo Street, discover the history of the Mahan and Maria Encarnación of Mantilla Street.

When you get to Don Sancho Street, you will hear the story of the headless priest Marín from the old newspaper El Mercurio. Arriving at the San Diego neighborhood, you will learn about the legend of the 7 infants and finally the tragic story of Miguel Quero, your narrator, who will reveal himself to you and tell you his story.

Undertake One of the Rituals in Gothic Quarter Barcelona

3. Barcelona- Gothic Quarter Experience

Like in a movie, live all the suspense and terror of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter in this soundwalk. For the thrill enthusiast, this walk with 3D sounds effects will take you on a chilling experience of the Gothic Quarter.

The voices will reveal to you the legends and stories, such as the executioner in Plaza del Rey and the legends in the cathedral, among others. You will be guided and instructed to perform the ritual of the Pont Bisbe as you see the skull that protects the bridge and discover its mysterious story.

The tour will also take you to the Plaza Sant Jaume, where you will hear the legend of the Dragon and Saint Jorge of Cappadocia. The tour will finish in front of the ancient church of Santa Maria del Mar, where you will discover the stories behind the black masses that used to be celebrated in the past and the legend of the two thieves.

Find Out the Terrors of la Candelaria in Bogotá

4. Bogotá – The Paranormal activities in Candelaria

This tour is for the brave, the curious ones that dare to discover the paranormal activities and the stories behind these poor souls. Get ready, because your narrator may give you a chill, as he tells you in a spine-tingling fashion, the different legends that haunt downtown Bogotá.

The tour begins in front of the house of the poet Silva, where you will discover some of his darkest secrets and poems ever written. As you continue walking the ancient streets and admire the colonial architecture, the legend of the witch and her lost boy comes to life. You will explore the Sun Street and the Palomar Street as you get ready to do a guided ritual to evoke the ghost of the child of Palomar.

The walk will then lead you to discover the Quevedo stream, where you will hear about the legend of the laundress. The special sound effects and the voice of the narrator will let you experience the story of Vasquecito and General Sardá like never before, as you admire the houses of Gregorio Vasquez de Arce y Ceballos and Rosa Florida.

Finally, and right in front of the house of Viceroy Sámano, you will learn all the terrors of the 1800 caused by General Morillo. You will finish this tour in front of the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño foundation, where you will learn about the legend of the ghost of the Green Cassock and the lovesick widower.

Discover the Paranormal Activities in Madrid

5. Madrid – The Ghost of Madrid

This soundwalk has been created through research on stories of haunted Madrid.

Dare to discover the paranormal mysteries on this out of the ordinary audio walk. With 3D sound effects, let your narrator, a paranormal researcher, guide you through the streets that reveal some of the legends of its past.

This self-guided audio tour begins right in front of the beautiful 19th century building, the Palacio Linares. As you pass by you will discover the tragic love story of Jose and Raimunda. What is perhaps the most exciting and thrilling is that your narrator will replay for you some of the paranormal sounds he has found by tracing the steps of the ghosts that haunt this mansion.

As you admire the architectural landscape, the secrets that hide in the house of the seven chimneys are revealed to you. You will also learn about the thrilling story of Elena and a dark royal secret.

You will see the famous Gran Via, which they say is haunted by the ghost of Goyito. As you arrive at the Plaza de Santo Domingo, you will be able to enjoy the picturesque view and pleasant atmosphere of the square, and a dark secret is revealed regarding Doña María de Cárdenas and the tales from the crypt.

As you continue your adventure, you will learn about the headless ghost in front of the church of Sant Ginés. Your tour will end in the inquisition square with the legend of the Auto de Fe and the mystery of the execution that took place in 1571.

This Halloween dare to do something different. Step into the mysteries, immersing yourself with the 3D sound technology as you walk around the streets of these great cities. Write a review and send us your pics of these soundwalks and we will publish in a future blog with your social media tags, if you prefer.

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