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“If Your Presence Doesn’t Make An Impact, Your Absence Won’t Make A Difference”T.Smith

“If your presence doesn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference”T.Smith

As time goes by, we enter a new era: the new and unknown era of post-COVID travel. We gather the courage to face all the challenges we have anticipated during lockdown. Restrictions, new time schedules , special sanitary and security measures are carefully planned and applied. We intend to make great efforts to capture those that are willing to travel in the early stages of recovery. We find ways to provide better rates, provide incentives, be as flexible as possible, add value to our offers , and above all we look for ways to do everything within our reach to get travelers to book our service. We hope to see bookings to begin once again and eventually to rise. But while our industry begins to gather momentum once again, we will encounter a new normal, a new reality: a different client.


Are you Ready?


A millenialized client

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No, don’t look it up. This word doesn’t exist, but I refer to this as the ‘millennialization’ phenomenon in which all generations begin to behave like millennials. At least in terms of expectations for digital experiences. Whether we like it or not, and for some people more than others, our mobile phones are now an extension of our arms . Confinement has made us more used to digital experiences that slowly take over our daily lives, and certainly will take over our future traveling life. For this reason, the new normal will bring about travelers who will behave like millennials. So get ready, because he or she will be more independent, more demanding in terms of the technology, and will appreciate it if you cater for his or her technological needs while interacting with your product or brand.


They want everything “Contactless”

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The new traveller get inspired, book everything online, and even expect to check-in and check-out in a contactless manner. But it doesn’t end there, because once they have arrived at your destination, their expectations of having contactless experiences will be maintained. So, align your services to give your clients access to digital contactless tools. If you are a hotel for example, they won’t ask your concierge for anything, they already expect to have all the answers on their mobile, where they will go, time schedules, restrictions and of course the activities to be carried out at their fingertips..


They want to enjoy the destination, but in private

Photo by Saad Sharif on Unsplash

They are willing to travel, but they will do so safely and on their own. Therefore, they will avoid large crowds and will be willing to pay a little more for having experiences in more controlled environments . They will want to be in control, enjoy their freedom and do it at their own pace.


Want more for less

With their new financial reality they have budget limitations. They will travel and hope for affordable prices. (In fact I believe that many will travel to take advantage of the affordable prices ). So, you must look for alternatives on how you can offer more for less while maintaining the quality of your services.


Have you thought about how your brand can take new steps to provide complementary services that meet these new customer demands?


As I said on a previous post, the best way to predict the future is to build it, will you?


If we want to be part of the future of the industry we will have to be willing to adapt. But, “If your presence doesn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference”.


Many think that adapting to this new normal will require a lot of investment, and this is not necessarily the case. If you have not yet realized, technology is becoming less expensive and more democratic. The change needed requires only one thing: your ability to open up to innovate.


What are you waiting for?


If you want us to help you to offer your new client contactless services on private tours and recommendations on their own mobile, do not hesitate to contact us. Soundwalkrs offers you, with just a few clicks, the possibility of giving more value to your clients in a fast, affordable, automated and secure way. Do not stay in the past, if you want to be part of the future of travel, prepare to meet the demands of the new Post COVID traveler.


Let me tell you how we can include our products on your booking platforms today, schedule a 15 min call here

These reflexions are possible thanks to my discussions with colleagues in the industry, these weeks many thanks to Sojern Arival  Incubadora Revenue 





Analucia LeCompte

Soundwalkrs Founder and CEO

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