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Revenge Travel: My Wandermust List

Revenge Travel: My Wandermust List

With so much time spent indoors during the winter months and no place far to go during pandemic times, I have “missing travel” syndrome.

One of my favorite diversions is making a travel list, which is also referred to as a revenge travel list in these times. This means that once the floodgates for traveling are open again, my wanderlust will become wandermust and I will make the most of my travel and do more.

Our thirst for travel has been so pent up, I would say my cup has runneth over with ideas of where I would like to go next.

You can do a Google search on revenge travel, and chances are, a few places are on your bucket list. Koddi and Tripadvisor have a great webinar on revenge travel.

For me, I’m dreaming about the following places:

  1. Greece: I was first fascinated by Greece after reading “The Moon-Spinners” and “My Brother Michael” as a teenager. They were written by a British author, Mary Stewart, who is like Alfred Hitchcock, but for young women. Her protagonists often think nothing exciting ever happens to them, until it does. She interweaves her mysteries with delightful descriptions of beautiful locales. It made me desperately want to go there, especially as a teen growing up in Houston, Texas, which was as so far removed from Greece.
  2. Morocco: I love Morocco because it put me completely outside of my comfort zone. I don’t speak the language. What stood out for me was camping in the Sahara Desert with my host, the nomadic Berbers, and a few folks from other parts of the world. We had tea in the tents and an authentic Moroccan meal, tagine (chicken cooked in a clay pot). Afterwards, we spent the evening chatting away. It was your typical singing and telling stories around the campfire, but out in the Sahara. Who could say no to star gazing at night while camping at a desert straight out of Africa?
  3. Gibraltar: Legend has it that Gibraltar will remain under British rule so long as the Barbary macaques (Barbary apes) exist there. They are found mostly at the Upper Rock area of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. The rock referred to here is the Rock of Gibraltar, which when viewed for the first time from a boat is quite exciting. It was a memorable adventure for me to take a ferry from the coast of Africa to the coast of Spain and see this landmark emerging from the horizon for the first time.
  4. Prince Edward Island: I’ve never heard of Prince Edward Island until I read the books and watched the Anne of Green Gables series, made in 1985 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. While I loved the series, I was also upset watching it because I envied the actors who were so lucky to be in a such a beautiful place. Pictures of blossom dappled lanes, rowboats on the water, lighthouses, and walks by the ocean, made me want to go there someday. It was so remote from my life growing up in Texas. Being a big city girl, I didn’t know anything about apple picking and the country life, but I was all for it.
  5. Cornwall, U.K.: The land of Daphne du Maurier, King Arthur, and Poldark, what more can I say?
  6. Paris: Paris is better the second, or third, or fourth time around. Why? Because you can skip all the bucket list activities and sights and take the time to really study the city. The second time around, you may not want to stand in long lines at the Eiffel Tower or Louvre. Instead, you can spend a day shopping for that perfect picnic at the Tuileries Garden. Go to a boulangerie and grab a baguette made fresh that morning, grab a bottle of wine at the cave a vins, go to a fromagerie and select a French cheese you have never tried before, and finally go to a patisserie and select your favorite eclairs, madeleines, or macarons for that afternoon picnic.
  7. Anywhere in Italy: Audrey Hepburn was quoted as saying “Paris is always a good idea.” I would say add Italy to that list too. There is so much to explore in this small country. From the rich cultural city of Milan and Venice in the north, as well as the Cinque Terre, to the lake regions of Italy, to the central region of Tuscany, and to the southern end of Italy with the picturesque Amalfi coast and the Isle of Capri – the options are endless. Where do you begin? The next time I’m in Italy, I would like to spend a month by the lake, Lake Como that is.

What is your list like? Feel free to share it with us. We will use it to create a survey of what our readers would like to explore. We may even add it to our future Soundwalkrs destinations.

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