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Sorry COVID19 But The (travel) Show Must Go On!

Sorry COVID19 but the (travel) show must go on!

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

There are many events for travel professionals throughout the year, but we dare to say that one of the most significant ones that we eagerly  wait is ITB and Arival. This is why the recent cancellation of the ITB and Arival has been a great dissapointment for many of us travel professionals.

Exageration, extreme measures or not, the truth is that the industry will certainly be hit, and not just by travelers abstaining to travel, and booking reservations going down, but the “miss-out” of networking, doing business and travel industry integration, will be one we wont be able to quantify.

Some of us were caught already in the ITB/Arival travel arrangements, and many have decided that the show must go on, even if that means informal and spontaneus networking at a lower scale in Berlin, or re-scheduling and having virtual meetings instead.

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash


We were especially excited about Arival this year, since for the first time in history the debate about the role of selfguided mobile tours, and the question they pose of being a threat or an opportunity to traditional tour operators was going to be addressed at the conference. In addition new technologies for Tours and Activities were going to be introduced and many workshops were planned and sponsored by major industry players , it all seemed that Arival was going to be very promising in Berlin this year. Our team, had many meetings arranged with operators, and with OTAs that have shown an interest in integrating our products and tours to their service portfolio or distribution platforms. Luckily, with the help of technology, and an excellent management and hard working team of Arival organizers, we were able to interact digitally with attendees and most of our meetings will be re-scheduled virtually  and even some informal activities and meetings  in Berlin will allow us to mitigate the impact of the cancellation of these two major travel events.

The interest in collaborating, and getting to know new travel technologies and travel trends is stronger than the challenges posed by the Corona Virus. We understand and support the difficult decision organizers had to take, but we believe technology today allows us to continue collaborating and networking. So even though we are all hugely dissapointed about these cancellations, we say to the tour operators, OTAs, and travel professionals out there that (digitally) the show will go on! and future travelers count on us, and hopefully COVID19 will be soon left in the past and we will still be able to collaborate and network and do business this year.

Photo by Javier Quesada on Unsplash

To learn on how we can provide added value to your tours and activities, with immersive 3D sound experiences that will amaze your travelers wordwide, don´t hestitate to book a 15min call here. Meanwhile, be sure we will continue to integrate our products to the travel industry players and show everyone that self guided mobile tours are a great opportunity for the travel industry to complemment travel services portfolios.  We look forward to ITB 2021 and the new dates of Arival hopefully this year.


Analucia LeCompte

Founder and CEO








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