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Soundwalk The World In 2019

Soundwalk the World in 2019

A new year is once again at our door, and this time it brings new and exciting Soundwalks to explore. From Jack the Ripper stories in the city of London, to Gladiators legends in the colisseum in Rome, the Panthenon in Athens, listening to our story of the fall of the Berlin wall, the Amsterdam of Van Gogh, or Barcelona through the eyes of Dali, soundwalkrs content promises to amaze travelers in many destinations in 2019.


But as we finish the year, it is time to celebrate our accomplishments and thank those who have made this possible, and for the Soundwalkrs growing family,  2018 has been a year filled with accomplishments, from early in the year being top 10 Future of Travel Startups in Miamilab, to winning the Tourism Innovation Challenge of IE and Ministry of Commerce of Colombia, winning the Agora Next Telefonica Open Future Travel tech challenge in Palma de Mallorca and being part of the top ten most disruptive travel tech start ups of the Amercias for the UNWTO in Buenos Aires earlier this month; but above all, the best award we could ever win is the acceptance and reaction of the market.


Our mission is to transform the travel industry one walk at a time, and we have been doing this by winning over the hearts of the travelers that take a soundwalk in their traveling journey, listening and using their imagination to travel in time as they walk around our destinations.


Today, Our Content Power House moves to a model that will bring Soundwalks faster to the travel market through our B2B partnerships . Our team is devoted to its objectives so that next year you will be able to get your code and have your Soundwalk experience by making your reservation through our partners Booking sites.


Our platform is ready to amaze travelers and promises a unique immersive audiowalk experience starting with 20 destinations early this year, and finishing next year with 50 top worldwide destinations.

However, none of this would have been possible without an amazing team behind it all , and , as the end of the year arrives I want to take this opportunity to introduce to all of you the creative minds behind the scenes that work everyday to make this happen.

Julio, Adriana, Claudia and Lucy, are behind the scenes keeping up to date our content in the platform and management support.

Jorge, Our Chief Operating Officer, the genius behind the everyday scenes, brings his advertising and Destination Marketing experience to our Production Process Pipeline.

Alejandro, Our Content Coordinator, makes our content power house break time frame records in content creation, coordinating the creative talent from our pool of writers.

As we scale, we have been able to nurture our Soundwalk creation methodology, opening the platform to creative writers out there that want to bring their talent and transform it into an unforgetable walk.

We had our very first Soundwalkrs creative writers bootcamp, where we trainned and certified writers to be part of our pool of script talents.

These are the creative minds that during phase one, have joined the Soundwalkrs family.

All from different backgrounds and working in different activities, but with one thing in common : To create a unforgetable  Soundwalk for travelers.

And last but not least, our team of advisors and founders that have been always present to help us make decisions to scale and grow.

Sabas, Javier, Berit, Marjory, Camilo, Julian y Kemel, Roger, Annesophie, Osama, André.


Our growing partnerships and integrations will help everyone get to have the soundwalk experience. We are proud to announce top Heritage sites such as Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, the distribution of all soundwalks in MUHCA, the distribution in CitysightSeeing buses, Akilautos rentacar, Aviatur and many others that are ready to disrupt the travel industry and bring relevant content and immersive audiowalk unique experiences to their travelers.


World..  get ready… we are going to SOUNDWALK you in 2019!

De Izquierda a Derecha: Angelica Villalba Eljach; Mauricio Muñoz Consuegra; Ladys Posso Jiménez; Vladimir Rodriguez Hernández; Andres Felipe Castillo Calvo; Jose David Rodelo Conde; Orlando Deavila Pertuz; Francys Lorena Caballero Poveda; Juan Daniel Barón Grillo.

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