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Travel From Home With The Sounds: Acropolis Of Athens

Travel from home with the sounds: Acropolis of Athens

Photo by Evan Wiseem on Unsplash



Soundwalks Experiences / Europe: “The Mythological Acropolis” – The Home of the Gods (Athens)


Stimulate your imagination at home, dream your future travels with Soundwalkrs

With the current global lockdown, everyone is in their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  We want to support this measure, offering future independent travelers our 3d audio-sensorial experiences for 20 destinations in Europe and Latin America. This way everyone can listen to our Soundwalks from the comfort and safety of their homes and stimulate their imagination; as you close your eyes and visualize that next trip you want to make when we leave the days of COVID19 behind. So stay at home, The world will wait for you to soundwalk it.

So Soundwalkrs have decided that every weekend we will take you to visit the world, from your home.

Now, what is Soundwalkrs?

“A Time travel experience, where characters come to life to tell you their stories, with an audio atmosphere that brings an immersive way to explore the world … soundwalks are a mixture of  unforgettable fantasy, fun and education that invite you to discover the stories of cities in a different way. The illusion of walking around a city with theater in your headsets, turning the streets into living museums that move between fiction and reality ”.

In this first edition of this campaign we invite you to the mytological Athens.


Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash


Did you know that a terrible mythological monster, the Gorgon Medusa, before having a head of hair full of snakes and eyes that turn everything she saw into stone, she was a beautiful maiden, priestess of the temple of the goddess of Athena?

With a voice full of resentment and nostalgia, Medusa is in charge of guiding you on this tour of the Acropolis of Athens. Through a journey in the Acropolis, Medusa tells you her own history, taking us through this sensorial experience, revealing details of this iconic place, the pillar of the gods, and of course the home of the goddess Athena. You will learn about the stories that fed and rescued the great poets of ancient Greece, such as Homer and Ovid. From the sacrifice of Iphigenia, the story of the goddess of victory Niké and the conflicts of Medusa with two of the great goddesses of Olympus, Aphrodite and Athena.


Photo by Depositphotos

The Soundwalk of “The Mythological Acropolis” is a journey through 7 chapters, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the mythological stories, narrated by the Gorgon Medusa. It is a very beautiful and sensorial experience, you can almost feel the walls of the acropolis surrounding you. You will hear the voice of Medusa whispering to you, with an echo of snakes in the background, a living history that remains forever embedded in that famous place.

It is without a doubt, one of the Soundwalks, that nobody should miss.

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready?


Listen to the first two chapters of the Acropolis in Athens:

You must listen to it with headphones so that the magic of 3D sound  technology takes you to that wonderful space. Now Close your eyes and have a great journey from home.

Chapter 1 (Click here)

Chapter 2 (Click here)

If you want to continue this journey; You can download the Soundwalkrs application from your cell phone at the following link (Soundwalkrs/Store).

See you in the next experience.



Alejandro Salgado Baldovino (A.S.B)

Coordinador de Contenido Soundwalkrs

Twitter: @alejo_salgadoB

Instagram: @alejandros17.89






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