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The Morning After COVID-19 (a Time Travel Read)

The morning after COVID-19 (a time travel read)

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Today is xx/xx/20xx, we woke up, after the #covid19 #coronavirus storm passed.

It is 7 am and our alarm rings, as we strech in our bed we get out of it very excited to get ready for the first day of work at our workplace, after being in mandatory lockdown to stop the global accelerated spread of the Corona Virus. 

The  difficult days of lockdown were especially challenging. Filled with fear we had to face this generations World War together but unlike our ancestors that were asked to fight a war and leave their families behind, we were asked to stay at home with our loved ones, to fight a common enemy: a Pandemic.   

Corona Virus tested us as individuals, as leaders, as Team Players, as members of a community, as grandsons, as parents, as future parents, as daughters, as teachers, as students, as…. 

But today is a new day, and it is the day when we leave those lockdown days behind. The lockdown has taught us many lessons: 

As we grab our first coffee this morning, mindfully we took a moment  to recognize that the threat of COVID19  made us realize that we all breathe the same air, no matter our race, political view, economic status, gender, geolocation, etc.. By understanding how fragile life can be, we went back to basics.   

We have been tested as an inter-dependent globalized society, today we understand the true value of being together, and how good it feels to greet each other, or how important it is to celebrate and cry together. We now know how strong we are when we help each other. 

We recognized that heroes live among us, and provide our food, our medicine, our health care. We learned to protect our elder and most vulnerable ones.  

We realized how important it is to vote properly and to participate in our community, because we need to trust leaders and institutions.  

Today we woke up, and we have learned the true value of freedom. We realized that even though we always thought it was a hippie cliché in the past, we are already all citizens of the world.  

We also now acknowledge that collaboration is not a choice, but it is the only way.  

We have learned that building a company means bringing joy to your customers with the passion of your team, and that with your work you contribute to society. Today we go back to our work environment with new innovative ideas, and new plans to grow, besides acknowledging  that many meetings  can be solved with an email; that discipline, strategic planning, creativity and positivity are among the best assets of an employee, and that shaking hands and meeting new people  mean so much.  

Today we are ready with new products to amaze our clients,  we have collaborated with key stakeholders in our industry so we can bring new solutions that take our productivity to new levels.  

We learned the true value of travel, and we wake up with a hunger to see the world like never before. Understanding the responsability that we have as global citizens, we want to enjoy new places and learn their culture and heritage. More than ever before, we want to have more experiences and make our companies, institutions and cities grow as we enjoy our work and build with passion our products and serve with enthusiam to society.  

Because today, even though we have been isolated for some time, we woke up more integrated and, somehow more human than ever.  

Are you ready for the new Post COVID19 world? 


If you are a travel industry professional, lets talk, we would love to tell you how we can amaze your traveler when he or she wakes up with a thrist to travel after COVID 19. Lets plan our virtual meeting here.


Analucia LeCompte

Founder and CEO





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