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Why Self-Guided Tours Will Rock Your Tour Operator Business

Why Self-Guided tours will Rock your Tour Operator business


Self-guided tours where created long before COVID19 arrived. In the past they were seen (by some) as a threat to traditional tour businesses, many tour operators thought self-guided tours would replace some of their services.  But in times of change, such as this one, COVID19 has drawn attention to the need of complementing services with Contact-less tools . And, as we move towards a more digitalized world, the digital and traditional elements will have to merge especially in the Post-Covid new normal where social distancing, security and hygiene are paramount.

A recent report published by Arival, explains in detail the growing self guided tour industry, and provides arguments on how they can leverage tour operators business during the recovery phase of tourism.

In an attempt to complement the arguments explained in the report, let us tell you why contact-less tour solutions can Rock your travel business and everyday operations.

Show me the Money! Generate New Revenue Streams


Like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, we can show you the money! As you re-start your business you will realize there is a new reality: A different travel landscape that challenges your tour business and with it, the need to adapt to the demands of travelers that will require smaller groups and affordable prices.
And added to this, you have been cutting costs as much as possible.
With less resources how can you cater to more people who want to pay less?

Self guided tours to the rescue. 
You can easily integrate self guided tours into your service portfolio and still deliver and expand your traditional business while making great margins.


The World is your Oyster! you can tackle a new Market


The traveler you will be addressing in selling self guided tours is not necessarily the same traveler you traditionally sell your tours to. Have you thought , “if i sell  self guided tours, then why will my travelers book my experience?”
Firstly, it is not the same thing. Your services have a personal unique touch, and our products will NOT compete with it. On the contrary they can become interesting tools to add value to the existing suite of experiences you offer, and even bundle it. Besides, as Arival has mentioned in their report, 50% of travelers will not book a tour, but will be more opened to book a self guided experience. It is said, that 1 out of 5 tour takers have taken a self guided tour. So don`t you think you may be missing out?
Grow your team – you can offer other languages via digital experiences through self guided tours, that will complement your staff. (complement and NOT replace)
Traditional audio guides might be a bit harder to use in a complementing manner, but that is definitely not the case with creative experiences such as Soundwalkrs , that are completely designed to add value to already existing Tour operations. So again, Like Jerry Maguire “you Complete me” .  😉

The Arival report presents arguments in a chapter dedicated to the question of SGT and expand whether they are Friends or Foe, and I strongly recommend you read this report.

WOW your traveler – Innovate or Die


It is a time of change, it is time for re-invention. There is no doubt about it that we will see massive innovation in the tours and activities sector. People will continue to search for new experiences.
What better way to come back to business than with new tools that will help you innovate, and impress your traveler?
It is known that emotions make memorable experiences. I cannot speak for the whole industry of self guiding services, but in the case of our Soundwalks , they are are emotion-based scripts, with 3D sound technology transformed by actors performing directly to your travelers headsets. Soundwalks give that whole new EXTRA magic needed to a tour. Let us give you an example, imagine your tour business has a service that takes travelers to the Roman Colosseum, and as your tour guide is taking them on a journey, he is able to enrich that visit by bringing them a soundwalk with  Spartacus as his guide, or In London Jack the Ripper himself, or Dalí in discovering Barcelona; and just like that, like living in a movie as they visit your destination you provide a “uniqueness” to your experience. One that is scalable, sustainable and safe for your traveler.


LET US TELL YOU HOW WE CAN DO ALL THIS TOGETHER! Schedule a Call here for a free DEMO today!


The Report


Read the report and be at the forefront of whats going on in the industry. Available here. They expand on different business models and pricing models. We would like to especially thank Arival  Douglas Quinby and Bruce Rosard and the whole Arival team for keeping us updated with the Tours and Activities industry and especially for providing for the first time a full report on the growing industry of SGTs.

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